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Plant Love - In store and now online

Throughout my journey to become a good houseplant parent and successful green thumb, I've had a few ah-ha moments. One that has stuck with me recently came from listening to Darryl Cheng of House Plant Journal when he said...

You don't make a plant grow, your job it to provide the necessary light and nutrients the plant needs to let nature run its course.

I'm paraphrasing here, but the point gets across; when it comes to caring for your houseplants all you can do is provide the best light, water, and nutrients possible, within your home (the environment).

With these environmental factors already against us, it's even more important to make the most of out what we can control. Which is where plant experts, online resources, and Instagram plant parents come in - and now we are here to help too, in whatever way we can.

There are lots of fabulous experts out there providing great insight into plant parenthood, and we are not here to reinvent the wheel. At the same time we speak with many of you every day, in store and through social media, who have questions about new plant purchases or ongoing care once you get a new plant home. It's allowed us to become quite knowledgeable about houseplant care and the needs of the varieties we carry in the shop; from picking the right plant for your needs (be it available light, water requirements, level of expertise, pet-friendly, a combination of needs or something else entirely) to providing care instructions for some of our - and your - favourite houseplants, to troubleshooting issues when they arise.

Our hope for this platform is to share our houseplant knowledge and experience, as well as our favourite sources online. But more importantly, we want all of you be more confident green thumbs, excited to "grow" your houseplant collection instead of afraid of doing something wrong.

While plant parenthood takes some work, it should be enjoyable, not daunting. Hopefully we will answer your questions or provide a tidbit you didn't know before, and grow this platform into a collaborative space to share tips, tricks, and the love of houseplants.