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Heim Room + Linen Mist

A curated collection of fragrances to dreamify your space.

HEIM goods is a queer-owned, Vancouver-based home fragrance brand that offers a curated collection of sustainable, handmade products for dream space dwellers.

  • rise and shine with citrus skies — the quintessential “orange spray” with an elevated twist. sweet and sour tangerine, fresh lemon, and a mature hint of beloved bergamot are what makes this fragrance pack a [fruit] punch that’ll leave your space smelling fresh as…ever.
  • the beach is the scent of summer — we’re shore of it. close your eyes and let the tropical blend of sweet coconut, juicy grapefruit, and warm vanilla take you on a vacay with every spray.
  • moon bloom is our sleeping beauty — a soft floral fragrance that combines calming lavender, luxurious rose, and the comfort of cedarwood to create the sweetest of dreams.
  • wild west is a dangerously warm and seductive scent that will
    sweep you off your feet. Combining a unique blend of clove, myrrh, sandalwood, patchouli, and frankincense —
    you won’t be able to resist.
  • the forest is our fresh fantasy fragrance that brings together the woodsy wonders of the great outdoors. strong notes of cedarwood, fir, cypress, and frankincense are the makings of this magical blend that you’ll find yourself lost in after one spray.

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