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My Anaconda Don't! A Cheeky Guide

This isn’t just any other body positivity book on the market – My Anaconda Don’t! has got plenty of sass, and most importantly, plenty of ass. With a mixture of tongue-in-cheek humor, earnest tips, and a trip through history, this book will teach you how to celebrate and love what you were born with (and explore what some people buy).

The content is comprehensive, starting with the origin of B.C. (butt culture), gluteus health, the formation of the body positivity movement, butts in pop culture, and how to pamper your behind. There’s a focus on music, and how Black culture – especially hip-hop – has played a pivotal role in how wider culture has gone from shunning to loving butts. The book also explores the fetishization of Black bodies, fatphobia, and plastic surgery.

My Anaconda Don’t! is entertaining, educational, and will have you laughing out loud. The pages are complete with vibrant, full-color illustrations by Latinx illustrator, Iliana Galvez (@growmija) who is based in Houston, Texas. Her work is a love letter to Black and Brown people, with messages of self-love.


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