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Soul Instant Hot Chocolate Single Serving

Soul Chocolate is a team of Canadians who love chocolate and a good, snowy winter. This hot chocolate is made using organic coconut sugar for its deep, molasses-like flavour, and organic cacao sourced from Oko Caribe in the Dominican Republic. Skim milk powder is added to make a creamier mouthfeel, and salt is added to balance acidity and pull out those tasty flavours.
– Ingredients: organic coconut sugar, organic cacao, skim milk powder, salt
– soy-free
– Made with our Dominican 66% chocolate.
It is well-balanced and delicious – with flavours that remind us of caramel and the brownies mom makes.
Enjoy it as an intense shot of chocolate or as a classic cup of hot cocoa, and sneak a peak of their favourite recipe.
How To Brew:
1) Simply tear open one of these pouches
2) Pour into your favourite mug (10oz is ideal for optimal flavour)
3) Top off with hot water
4) Stir like crazy until fully dissolved
5) Optional: Add whipped cream or marshmallows. Maybe even a little cinnamon.


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