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Herb & Earth Bamboo Stick Incense

HERB & EARTH bamboo incense delivers pure fragrance. It was created with the natural blessings of the earth. These incense sticks are of the highest quality and produce minimal smoke which allows you to smell more of the pure fragrance. They will add the ideal touch of pure fragrance to your home.

Nippon Kodo’s devotion to making fine incense follows a long and honoured tradition that started more than 400 years ago and can be traced back to Juemon Takai, better known as Koju, a skilled artisan in the art and the principal provider of precious rare and exquisite aromas to the Emperor of Japan and his Court.

Why we love them:

  • Made with Bamboo Sticks
  • Burn Time is approx. 25 min
  • No artificial dyes
  • 20 sticks


Directions: Light the tip of the incense stick and blow out the flame after a few seconds.