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Inner Workout Book

From feeling at home in your body to tapping into the wisdom that already lives within you, Taylor Elyse Morrison, founder of the lifestyle brand Inner Workout, guides you to discover what self-care” truly means and cultivate a dynamic relationship with your whole being.

Caring for yourself is essential. But we need both direction and intention if we want to find out what we truly need in the moment. This is where Inner Workout comes in: First by redefining what self-care truly is and then by diving deep into areas where you might need some help. Addressing issues like body positivity, burnout, brain fog, self-confidence, and more, this guide offers a variety of practices, prompts, and actionable advice to strengthen your connection to each aspect of yourself.

Think of this as a choose your own self-care adventure: Take the Take Care Assessment and find out which practices you deeply need right now. Flip to a section that resonates with you. Or read through each chapter to discover what each dimension of care can offer you. The guidance within these pages isn’t meant to change who you are, but to strengthen the wisdom you already have within. Whether new to self-care or wanting to deepen the connection you’ve cultivated with yourself, this bookis here for you at every step in your wellness journey.

Taylor Elyse Morrison is the CEO of Inner Workout where she spends her days working toward a world without burnout. She’s a sought-after international speaker and facilitator. You may have seen her talking about self-care in publications including ForbesEntrepreneur, and The Thirty . Taylor is also an ICF ACC Coach, a certified 200-hour yoga teacher, a certified Meditation and Mindfulness teacher, and a Certified Resilience Practitioner. Taylor lives in Chicago with her husband, Matthew, her dog Blue, and an ever-growing number of plants.


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