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Lake and Oak Not Coffee Tea

A delicious and caffeine-free herbal coffee alternative with chicory, dandelion, and adaptogenic ashwagandha.

Dear coffee: you are loved for its intoxicating aroma and bold and bitter flavor. Jitters, insomnia, and tummy aches? No thanks! This herbal revelation brings the glorious richness and ritual of your morning brew but leaves the rest. Formulated with power plants like detox-worthy dandelion root and stress-busting ashwagandha; it’s a satisfying, feel-good fix without the flop.

Tasting notes: bitter notes of dark chocolate and coffee, with hints of cinnamon and nuts.


  • Superfood tea blend
  • Makes 24 cups
  • Natural and organic
  • Nutritionist formulated
  • Good for the planet
  • Better for you and the planet – reuse and recycle this jar!


  1. Brew: Steep 1.5 tsp tea in 250mL of 98°C water for 4-5 minutes. Increase the amount of tea if you like a bolder brew.
  2. Bliss out: Try with a splash of out milk and maple syrup – or however you enjoy your coffee

Ingredients: Dandelion Root*, Chicory Root*, Rooibos*, Cinnamon*, Ashwagandha Root*, (*All Organic)



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