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Luminous Dreams: The Deck

This enchanting deck of 60 cards teaches you how to connect with your subconscious and interpret the hidden meaning of your dreams. Each card features information on a common dream symbol, scenario, sensation, or emotion-including cats, doors, teeth, water, driving, falling, and so much more-plus prompts to help you unpack what the dream reveals about your present life.

Filled with gorgeous artwork and easy-to-follow wisdom on dream interpretation, this deck is a must-have bedside companion for modern mystics, meditation enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to discover the hidden meaning of their dreams.

PERFECT FOR GIFTING AND DISPLAY: With a contemporary look and luxe details, and affordably priced under $20, this deck makes the perfect gift alongside bedtime and wellness products, from crystals to essential oils. A petite package with eye-catching foil highlights, it’s also a beautiful object to display on a bedside table with a candle, journal, or eye mask.

PERENNIAL TOPIC OF INTEREST: Anyone looking to improve their sleep and better understand the fascinating world of dreams will discover a fresh approach to dream interpretation that incorporates mind/body/spirit practices like using crystals, herbs, essential oils, and affirmations.

ON TREND: Brimming with rituals for introspection and well-being, this deck taps into the current interest in mind/body/spirit, mindfulness, and wellness, making it a wonderful companion for self-care enthusiasts, modern mystics, and the spiritually curious.


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